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Sonita Zainal
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Live to Tell: A Self Managing Child Slave Survivor of Pol Pot’s Regime

Designed to show the world how this child survived in a genocide.

Sonita Zainal, when only a young girl from age five, lived for four years of uncertain childhood with unbelievable grit and determination. She endured and survived the horrendous Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime, in Cambodia.

This little girl lost her beloved father when only six years old: already a victim of opportunistic abuse. She became a child slave and a witness of barbaric atrocities.

She quickly became an adult minded, responsible child: without a natural childhood. In doing so, managed her own survival, relying only on personal initiative.

Sonita inspires as an admirable example of the fortitude of a destitute child who never gave up, in all her adverse circumstances.

This book is cleverly written, in the manner of the writer’s child mind at the time of events portrayed.

Readers are sure to be captivated and enthralled by this inspirational book: finding it hard to put down until read.

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